Beautiful Scents You Can Take Home

Beautiful Scents You Can Take Home

Visit our local candle shop in Texarkana, TX

Whenever you invite guests or loved ones over to your home, you want them to walk in the front door and smell a welcoming aroma. Our candle shop, Fan Fare Gifts & Boutique, has all of the scents you need to fill up your home. We have beautiful candles and wax melts for those with different preferences. Plus, we carry a variety of self-care gifts to help you focus on relaxing and unwinding at the end of a long day.

If you're interested in our candle selection, we carry the following brands:

  • Bridgewater Candle
  • Tyler Candle Company
  • Aromatique
  • LUX
  • Lampe Berger
  • Capri Blue

Isn't it about time you focused on yourself? Take a trip to our local candle shop in Texarkana, TX today.

Taking care of yourself is crucial for your well-being. When you visit our local boutique, you can shop for self-care gifts that will make your evening at home even more relaxing.

If you need a night to yourself, we recommend...

  1. Using a bath bomb to take a relaxing bath
  2. Lighting a candle to fill up the room with your favorite scent
  3. Applying a body oil to nourish and hydrate your skin

In addition to our self-care items and candles, we also have things like laundry detergent and multi-surface sprays to help clean your space.

No matter what type of scent you're searching for at our candle shop, we've got something for you. Visit us today.